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A heart-centered approach that creates space for healing and transformation.

One-on-one support to meet your unique needs.

Come out of conflict in a better place than where you started.

Conflict Facilitation & Training for Organizations Committed to Social Justice

Work With Us

Kirby Broadnax and Yasmiene Mabrouk met in the Shenandoah Valley and first connected over a shared love of mixed patterns. As Yasmiene said that day, successfully mixing patterns is like bringing different people together. Over the years, we have developed a variety of skills in Conflict Transformation to help different people work through their conflicts and build deeper relationships.


Save Time

When you know how to handle conflict before it escalates, you spend more time on what you want to be doing and less time putting out fires.

Be More Creative

When you see conflict as an opportunity, it pushes you and your team to be more creative. You have to come up with new solutions that better meet the goals and needs of your group. This leads to better ideas.


Be Happier

Dealing with conflict at its earlier stages reduces stress. Strong conflict skills lead to strong relationships. Get along better with your group and work better together.


Conflict Coaching is ongoing one-on-one support to develop conflict skills

Mediation is a method to resolve a specific conflict through dialogue and
problem solving

Circle Process supports the building of strong relationships through story telling and connection



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