Where does the name
Stone & Water come from?

Stone & Water

When thinking about a name that would be representative of who we are, we talked through things that we connected with ~ everything from our astrological signs and our enneagrams, to activities we like to do and what we are drawn to. We discovered that we both have a love of nature. We both find solace in nature during times of stress, and nature continues to teach us how to be present, patient, and creative in times of conflict.

Kirby appreciates the way that nature
helps her feel grounded. She is breath-
taken by mountains, and often notices
and picks up various stones on her
hikes. Kirby has been told that she has

a calming presence, which makes her
think about the cool, calmness that
smooth stones can convey.


Yasmiene has always been drawn to water. As a kid in Michigan, they walked up & down creeks with their big family. In California, they fell in love with the ocean, something they never thought would happen! In

Minnesota, it was lakes all year round and ice in the winter. As someone who uses tarot, they’ve always felt most connected with the suit of cups which is tied to the element of water and represents emotions and relationships. Yasmiene has always felt deeply and explores with others what they are feeling. Understanding ourselves is one part of

working through conflict in an authentic and effective way and Yasmiene finds that water represents this for them. 


On their own, both elements are remarkable, beautiful, and powerful. When they work together, they interact with a new kind of power for support and transformation. The elements together conjure many images we find in nature: stone acts as a sturdy container that water can sit within or flow alongside; water tumbles stone to turn rough edges into smooth ones; water and stone work together over time to create a new form (beach sand). Stone reminds us to find our power in grounded presence; water reminds us to find our power in being flexible and fluid. 


With our name, which highlights the intention we bring to engage one another and our clients as collaborative partners, we strive to bring the lessons and beauties of stone and water into our practice.

Close up of stones