Meet Us


Kirby E Broadnax


M.A., Conflict Transformation

Hi, I’m Kirby! 


I’m a sensitive, sun-loving, community building facilitator from Cleveland, OH ~ unceded Haudenosaunee land.  


Growing up, I learned to navigate conflict using dialogue, physical connection (hugs-hugs-hugs), and sitting around our dining room table.


Holding one another accountable from a place of love and making amends for harm while centering the relationship were important values instilled in my brother and I.


Little did I know then, my parents were teaching us restorative justice principles before I could name them as such! I believe we all have this wisdom in us. Along with my values, I bring presence, an ability to listen deeply, curiosity, and a collaborative spirit to my connection with others and to my work.


I studied Sociology, Women’s Studies, and Conflict Transformation over the course of my educational career.


My studies helped shape my thinking on how systems influence individuals and groups (and vice versa) and the different sources of power that can be harnessed for justice and wellness.


After all, we are far better together than we will ever be by acting apart.


My work has included teaching elementary school, working as a mediator and shelter diversion advocate, creating a public mural with my neighbors, planting dozens of trees, organizing a local handmade market, and facilitating community conversations. Most recently, I’ve planned and facilitated community building and conflict Circle Processes. 


Among other things, I am interested in learning more about community trauma healing and ways that connecting to the environment can support our individual and collective well being. 

I enjoy creating playlists, bypassing small talk to get to the heart of things, singing, playing all kinds of games (including hide-and-seek with my cat), and making cards for my loved ones.


TL;DR ~ I’m an enneagram 1 wing 2, and a Libra moon.

L. Yasmiene Mabrouk


M.A., Conflict Transformation

I’ve been facilitating conflicts since I was in elementary school!


Healthy conflict engagement is a way of life for me and that’s what I share with others. I believe we should all have the tools to handle conflicts better.


As a community organizer, I’ve worked with people to explore what consent really means and requires. I’ve facilitated conversations with survivors of sexual violence.


These conversations focused on alternatives to the criminal legal system that would better meet the survivors’ needs.


Participants left with a broader vision of healing and accountability.


Sometimes outside help is needed so I’ve mediated conflicts, as well. My skill with conflict comes from education and practice. While finishing my Master’s in Conflict Transformation, I was regularly experimenting with different techniques, as facilitator and participant, so that I understood both experiences.

I developed embodied practices for Virginia Organizing that centered their values and could be used over and over.


Members left meetings grounded and confident in their work.


My facilitation techniques span restorative & transformative justice, embodied practices and expressive arts.


As a multi-disciplinary artist, I sew quilts & clothing, make zines and draw.