Being held responsible (to or) for your impact. Accountability can be collaborative and is done with the hope of some positive change. 



We believe in equity for all people, inclusive of people of all races, classes, gender identities, disabilities, illnesses, sexualities, religions, etc. The  myth of hierarchy of some over others plays out in these and other identity categories and reinforce each other.



Creativity opens us up to new possibilities and those allow the transformation of conflict from a stuck place to an opportunity for growth. Creativity can mean using the arts and it can be applied to any area of life.


Community means mutual support and collaboration to meet the needs of all members. Community members look out for each other and provide care. There are many types of communities and they can be overlapping: by region, by identity group, by interest, by relationship, etc.

Every individual has knowledge and gifts to offer.


As humans, we operate on different levels (mind, body, emotions, spirit) that are interconnected with each other. Addressing conflict means addressing the ways it impacts us on these different levels.


An enduring commitment to demonstrating care ~ for yourself, other beings, and the earth.